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Multi Car Insurance

If you have more than one car and you are worried about the heavy premiums to be paid for each car then all your worries are over now as you can buy a single policy for all cars known as the Multi Car Insurance. This type of insurance will insure all your cars in a single plan and you don’t have to worry further as the premium is also lower compared to the sum of the premiums for separate policy. There are many insurance companies that have introduced such plans to make your life easy. The online information portals will provide you with the information on all such insurance companies and their plans. You will also find the online comparison charts and the quotes to decide the best service provider. The Admiral Multi Car Insurance is becoming more and more popular as these days households have more than one car. Even the commercial fleets can be insured with the help of such multi car insurance.

The multi car insurance can be availed to insure more than one and up to five cars in a single policy. The premium being single and affordable, the car owners don’t have to worry about the affordability and the premium dates. The families having more than one car can benefit from this type of insurance as they have to take care of the formalities only once. The documentation is also reduced as you have just one document for all cars. The help line numbers and the claim settlement procedure being same, the owner has to remember only one number to get all the queries solved.

The Multi Car Insurance also comes with added benefits like breakdown cover, roadside assistance, wind screen cover and stereo cover. Further, this type of insurance takes into account the age of the driver, the previous record of driving and other factors so that the premium is decided based on their collective risk. You can also avail the no claim bonus on such insurance of you have not raised any claim for stipulated period of time on this policy. This type of insurance also has monthly premium paying facility from many companies.